Graduate Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate course, University of New Mexico, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, 2020

Advanced Engineering Mathematics [ECE 300]

Assisted in tutoring and grading students in Advanced Engineering Mathematics [ECE300]

  • First and Second-Order ODEs are solved using Laplace Transforms, Matrices, Eigenvalues and other techniques involving Linear Algebra.
  • Applications are emphasized using MATLAB.

Programming Fundamentals (Lang: C) [ECE 131L]

Assisted in tutoring and grading students in ECE 131L - Programming Fundamentals (Lang: C)

  • Abstract machine models with emphasis on the memory hierarchy, Basic programming constructs, Functions, Parameter passing, Pointers, Arrays, File I/O, Bit-level operations and interfacing to an external device.

Introduction to Communication Systems [ECE 314]

Assisted with course preparation, office hours tutoring and grading of students in ECE 314 - Introduction to Communication Systems.

  • Amplitude/frequency modulation, pulse position/amplitude modulation, probabilistic noise model, AWGN, Rice representation, figure of merit, phase-locked loops, digital modulation, and introduction to multiple access systems.